MOCOAT® supplies hundreds of Cata-DyneTM and electric heaters every year. Heaters can be provided for both general purpose and explosion-proof environments. Mocoat will provide calculations upon request for the sizing and type of heater to be supplied. Mocoat can either mount the heaters themselves or facilitate the mounting of them. This is facilitated by providing mounting brackets, hardware and/or reinforcing the building walls if necessary.


Ruffneck Heater with pipe mount kit in an MV style building Catadyne Heater brackets in an MC shelter
Rufneck Heater wall mounted in a MC style shelter Electric Heater mounted to the ceiling of an MM style building


Explosion-Proof Electric Unit Heaters: Type FX5

Explosion-Proof CataDyne Unit Heaters: Type WX

General Purpose Electric Unit Heaters: Chromalox Series