Mocoat Solutions Edmonton have a wide selection of above ground plastic tanks in stock.

Not only do we provide tanks but we are also equipped with the latest technology in inject welding system to offer custom fabricated plastic productsa to your specification.

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Please see below on our range of tanks.

Double Wall Tanks:

Most commonly used for demanding harsh chemical storage and handling applications such as bleaching agents, caustics and acids.

Chemical Tanks:

The chemical tank represents the first line of control for some of the most aggressive chemicals, control consists of selecting the chemical tank most able to cope witht he application parameters and capable of preventing the negative impact of the chemical finding its way into the enviorment.

Containment Basins:

Containment basins are primarily used where there is a risk of spilling from chemical storage tanks. The basins prevent enviormental damage and are often required by law if hazardous materials are being handled. 

Water Tanks:

Mocoat Solutions offers a wide range of water tanks for all applications. 

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